From the recording Green is the Future


1. Puerto Rico gave her name.
Her grand-pa died in a hurricane.
Now you've never seen a more fearless Latina
Determined to fight climate change.

2. Are green jobs key to success?
Do we need more healthcare, not less?
Who steps up this hour to speak truth to power?
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

CHORUS: Olé! Olé! El futuro será verde.
Olé! Olé! Green is the future, we say.

3. The youngest elected so far,
She worked in a cocktail bar;
Served piña coladas, and now voters got a
New leader who shines like a star.

4. She fights to set students free
From debt that shackles their dreams;
Inspires the young to grow up and become
The persons that they want to be