Seems like spring is coming early. I've just about eaten up all my winter garden of kale, cabbage, collards, carrots and Brussel sprouts. Time to start preparing the soil to move from soups to salads of lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, peppers squashes and cucumbers.  That's when I wrote "Spring Hallelujah." Hope it puts you in the mood for loving the earth.

Green is the Future

Long before I heard of the “Green New Deal,” I studied the Hebrew word, “Shalom,” that envisions everyone in harmony with the earth and with one another. When Senator Ed Markey and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced the Green New Deal, it echoed the vision of shalom. This song lifts up that vision as a tribute to all those who lead our nation and world toward a healthier and more just humanity. I hope you'll share it wherever you'd like. It's free. Green is the Future. (Lyrics are in the Sheet/Music Lyrics section.)

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Singing "front porch gospel" songs on the back porch with grandchildren, Grayson and Cara.

Singing "front porch gospel" songs on the back porch with grandchildren, Grayson and Cara.


Howdy!  What a joy and privilege to share music -- soul to soul!  

I was raised by a Baptist mom and a Presbyterian dad in Charlotte, NC.  On my journey I've sung and written music in a variety of churches and settings. The harmonies of southern gospel, bluegrass, traditional and even mariachi keep me smiling. 

The idea of publishing my songs came from my daughter, Leigh Jones, and my wife, Sally. They introduced me to Eric Lovell and Gigi Dover, musicians par excellence. Eric's arrangements and Gigi's harmonies turned my songs into music. To learn of their creative genius in songwriting, performing and recording,  click here.
I believe music is woven into the fabric of the universe.  So I'm happy for you to download the songs and print out the sheet music free of charge.  If you want a hard copy of my CDs -- "Heaven & Earth" and "Welcome to the Table" --  click here.

To be notified about upcoming sing-a-long events, please join the email list.  Thanks for spreading joy, faith, hope and love,
      -- Zach

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